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Notice to our friends, now available on, the environmentally oriented film documentary: 'Freewheeling, Bicycling in New York City', by visual artist F. A. Rodríguez, which has won the awards of Best Editing at the Festival du Cinéma de Paris- Palmarés 2005. Also, Best Documentary of 2004 at the Festival Du Cinema de Bruxelles. The film is also winner of the award, Integral Realization at the San Francisco Short Film Festival, 2004. It was, official selection at the Festival International de Biarritz 2004, The New York Short Film Festival, 2004. And, the Miami Short Film Festival,2004.


AR2 Fine Arts Inc.
F. A. Rodriguez
'The Spirit of the Butterfly'
'El Espiritu de las Mariposas'

Ancyluris Formosissima 6-11-1976 Oil 19x32in

In Memory of Humberto Soto-Ricart (HUSORI)
En Memoria de Humberto Soto-Ricart (HUSORI)

From his friends: Maya, Angie and F.A. Rodríguez
Sus amigos: Maya, Angie y F.A. Rodríguez

Dominican Pastoral 2-3-1987 30"x58" Oil - Oléo


Pholus Vitis- Detail from "Dominican Pastoral" 1987
Pholus Vitis- Detalle de "Pastoral Dominicana" 1987

"The Spirit of the Butterfly"
"El Espiritu de las Mariposas"

Welcome to our web site!
Bienvenidos a nuestras paginas en el Internet!

This web page's main purpose is to work on behalf of the protection of the environment. Art is the medium which we as an organization will depend on to bring across our ideas. Our previous exhibitions were done in English but as many Spanish-speaking people started to visit us, we decided to do a bilingual web site in order to accommodate our viewers.

This first bilingual exhibition is dedicated to a dear friend and partner in our publishing endeavors who recently passed away. His name is Don Humberto Soto-Ricart and he was one of the top art critics in the Dominican Republic, with more than 50 years of experience in fine arts critique. His passing leaves a void in the intellectual discourse of the oldest European enclave of the Americas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. May he rest in peace.

F. A. Rodríguez & Humberto Soto-Ricart 1987

Photo: Back cover Museum of the Dominican Man General Catalog
Foto: Catálogo General Museo del Hombre Dominicano

El propósito principal de esta galería es para abogar por la protección del medio ambiente. El arte es el vehiculo que vamos a utilizar para promover nuestras ideas. Nuestras exposiciones anteriores fueron en el idioma Inglés, pero personas que hablan el idioma Español nos visitan asi es que decidimos hacer nuestra galeria bilingüe. La primera exhibición es dedicada a un querido amigo y socio en nuestras publicaciones literarias quien fallecio recientemente. Su nombre es Don Humberto Soto-Ricart, el mejor crítico de arte en la República Dominicana, con más de 50 años de experiencia en las críticas de las bellas artes. Su muerte deja un vacío en el discurso intelectual de la ciudad primada de América, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. Que en paz descanse nuestro irreemplazable amigo HUSORI.

In the year 1987, the visual artist Fausto Arturo Rodríguez did an art exhibition at the Museum of Natural History, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The theme was the protection of the environment, with the butterfly as the symbol of the destruction of our planet. They are disappearing at an alarming rate. Don Humberto Soto-Ricart wrote the introduction to the catalog for the exhibit. He wrote, "From the scientific point of view the butterfly is a Lepidopterous insect, but for us in our aesthetic criteria, the butterfly is a flower with wings, perhaps the most beautiful and refined of nature, showing their wonderful colors in the air. In our country, the Dominican Republic, there are more than 180 varieties of butterflies. For the past few decades in this city (Santo Domingo) those flowers that dance in the air have not been as common as they used to be in our gardens, and with this absence we are losing one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature". HUSORI

Selected Sculptures 1967-2007

Circular Abstractions - Circulos Abstractos

Miniature Imaginary Landscapes

The Spirit of the Butterfly 2 - El Espiritu de las Mariposas 2

Link to: From Death to Birth- De la Muerte al Nacimiento

Link to 'Analysis in Variation' - Análisis en Variación

Here we display details from the painting "Dominican Pastoral". All the specimens are from the collection of the Museum of Natural History in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Traemos otros detalles de la pintura "Pastoral Dominicana". Todas las especies son parte de la colección del Museo de
Historia Natural en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.


'Pirisitia Lisa' - "Dominican Pastoral" (Detail)1987

'Megalippe'- "Dominican Pastoral" (Detail) 1987

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